Today in Trump

Just a single day, mind you.

1) Amazingly, when you brag about assaulting women, women come forward.

On dating a child in 10 years.

On groping a beauty pageant contestant.

Additional random gropings.

On barging into dressing rooms of naked women— including Miss Teen contestants.

A few tweets from Sopan Deb (who you should so follow)

And, unrelated, but too good to pass up:

Just to remind you, this is not normal!  I’m quite sure I’ll still be talking to my students about this election 2040.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Today in Trump

  1. Jon K says:

    The fact that Trump is now backed by the Russian government – which is now clear from his endorsement and approval of the illegal hacks being released on a daily basis – should be disqualifying in and of itself. When has it become acceptable for foreign intelligence agencies to intervene in US elections? In what universe is it acceptable for a nominee for President of the United States to openly approve, encourage, and endorse the illegal involvement of hostile intelligence agencies in our elections?

    It has now moved beyond the absurd into truly troubling implications for our system.

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