Trump: champion of the little guy

Among Trump’s many brazen, bald-faced lies at the 2nd debate were his statement on taxes.  Not that anybody (except Paul Ryan) really cares about what Trump has to say about policy, but the tax plan comparisons are a joke.  Drum with handy charts:

Needless to say, Trump’s plan also blows a giant whole in the deficit.  And James Surowiecki on Trump and taxes:

The fact that more than eighty per cent of registered Republicans now say they’ll vote for Trump demonstrates that, as long as a candidate can be counted on to bring taxes down, traditional Republicans will overlook any number of heresies and offensive statements. Coming out against free trade and open borders, defending entitlements, attacking veterans, cozying up to foreign autocrats, indulging in openly racist and xenophobic rhetoric: none of these things have hurt Trump with the vast majority of Republican voters and politicians. If he had wavered on tax cuts, it would have been a very different story. Trump may be the most politically incorrect man in America, but even he knows that there are some taboos you can’t violate.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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