Gratuitous Trump bashing

Okay, I’m not sure it’s gratuitous when you consider a man like this so close the presidency, but, my next post will be Trump free.  Anyway two excellent columns on the matter today.  First, Josh Barro on Trump’s lack of shame:

What deserves more notice is that this tape did not capture a confidential conversation with a close friend.

As The Daily Beast’s John Avlon notes, Trump was bragging about his egregious misbehavior, in gross terms, to a man he barely knew, while he was wearing a microphone.

Donald Trump is a person who has instincts to behave shamefully, and who also has no shame.

Trump is proud of his shameful actions. He thinks they make him manly and cool. He does not have the brake on his id that normal people do.

That combination doesn’t just make him tacky — it makes him dangerous.

Shame is an important inhibitor. Sometimes, we want to do bad things, but we don’t because we’d be ashamed. Shame helps to save us from ourselves.

What does this mean he might do as president? We should never find out.

And George Will:

Again, the tape revealed nothing about this arrested-development adolescent that today’s righteously recoiling Republicans either did not already know or had no excuse for not knowing. Before the tape reminded the pathologically forgetful of Trump’s feral appetites and deranged sense of entitlement, the staid Economist magazine, holding the subject of Trump at arm’s length like a soiled sock, reminded readers of this: “When Mr. Trump divorced the first of his three wives, Ivana, he let the New York tabloids know that one reason for the separation was that her breast implants felt all wrong.”

His sexual loutishness is a sufficient reason for defeating him, but it is far down a long list of sufficient reasons. But if it — rather than, say, his enthusiasm for torture even “if it doesn’t work,” or his ignorance of the nuclear triad — is required to prompt some Republicans to have second thoughts about him, so be it…

Trump is a marvelously efficient acid bath, stripping away his supporters’ surfaces, exposing their skeletal essences. Consider Mike Pence, a favorite of what Republicans devoutly praise as America’s “faith community.” Some of its representatives, their crucifixes glittering in the television lights, are still earnestly explaining the urgency of giving to Trump, who agreed that his daughter is “a piece of ass,” the task of improving America’s coarsened culture.


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