Really quick post-debate

1) Political Science twitter is alight with Trump’s brazen flouting of democratic norms.  No, we don’t jail our political opponents in this country.  Alas, lamestream media is more concerned by false balance (Trump threatens to jail Clinton vs. Clinton attacks Trump on attitudes towards women).  Hopefully this gets the legs it deserves– not that I’m optimistic.

2) Insta-polls show a Clinton win.  That matters because I’m convinced insta-polls shape the post-debate narrative, which determines who really wins.

3) I thought Clinton went way easy on Trump.  Basically, the Republican Party is crashing down around him and this gets one mention?!  How do you not say something about people like John McCain disavowing his candidacy?

4) Trump did not obviously implode and performed better than last time.  Super low bar, but for some media types, that’s a “win.”  The fact that he literally knows nothing about policy doesn’t matter.

5) Ultimately, though, Trump needed the debate to change the media narrative (groping/ GOP-dumping) that is eating his campaign alive.  Not sure he was able to do that.  Certainly no big mistakes from HRC that could change it.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

4 Responses to Really quick post-debate

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Does anyone think that Hillary wants Trump to drop out or be removed? Perish the thought! So she “went high” when he went low.
    And Mike Pence may have skewered himself. Doubtful that Trump will forgive his failure to defend Trump in the V-P debate or his preemption of Trump’s views on Russia and Syria, even if Trump could pull off a win.
    Pence’s wife might not forgive him either, per what has been reported about her response to
    the infamous video.

  2. Mika says:

    This was the first ever US presidential debate that I have watched live. My alarm clock is not going to ring at 3.50 am for the next debate. I followed my twitter feed all the time to figure out what they said 15 or 30 minutes ago. Trump’s answer to the last question was very good. I think he really meant what he said, otherwise he was incomprshelllbbl. But then again when I went back to bed I was trying to figure out what was Clinton’s policy concerning Syria. “No ground troops” was only thing that came to my mind. I don’t like debates.

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