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Really, I just wanted to have a relaxing night watching something on Netflix.  But I cannot take my eyes of twitter for every last detail of Trump’s seeming immolation before our eyes.  I have read so many good tweets tonight (and really, if you use twitter, you should just go to Yglesias’ and Nyhan’s pages, they have both been so on fire).  I thought I might as well compile some of my favorites here.  Enjoy.


The coming cascade?

So suggests Brendan Nyhan (via numerous twitter posts) regarding additional Trump sexual harassment allegations. And why not, it’s not like we didn’t have plenty of damning evidence before we had audio.  Kristof has just pushed up the release of his Sunday column about a sexual harassment claim ended with a confidential settlement.   CNN’s Erin Burnett shared on-air tonight, about how Trump had kissed her friend without consent.  And the AP ran a story just earlier this week about Trump’s deplorable sexist behavior on the set of the Apprentice.  (Seriously, just imagine for a moment if Romney or McCain had been the subject of the allegations in the AP story, but as it seems we have all acclimmiated to Trump’s horribleness, it caused barely a ripple).  Trump is a walking, talking pile of entitled misogyny.  There’s every reason to thing that now that the dam has broken, there’s going to be even more.

Oh my!

Ummm, wow.  My favorite part of today– getting on twitter at about 5:45 and working back through all the tweets to figure out just what Trump had done that was blowing up. Of course, the only thing remotely surprising about this is that it didn’t come out now (Yglesias has completely owned this on twitter– lots of good ones about the failure of Republican opposition research, among other things).

As  man who has spent plenty of time in locker rooms, let me just say I have literally never heard friends joke about sexually assaulting women (sexual assault is what this is, to be clear).  Oh, I’ve heard plenty of not-so-nice comments about women’s appearances, etc., but nothing remotely like suggesting it is okay to grope/grab/kiss a woman without their permission.  This is not locker room talk, much less “dining room table” talk (yes, Trump’s former campaign manager did say that).

Also, any headlines/stories that focus on Trump’s comments being “lewd” or “vulgar” is completely missing the point!  It’s not that Trump said “grab them by the pussy” it’s that he somehow thinks it is okay for him to grab them by the pussy.  David Graham:

Yet this clip is essentially different in type, too. In describing his behavior toward women, Trump is describing sexual assault: non-consensual kissing and grabbing of women’s genitals. He is bragging, if privately, about appalling and illegal behavior.

Naturally, Ezra absolutely nails the response:

But the question isn’t whether Trump has any decency. We’ve known for some time that he doesn’t. The question is whether we have any decency — whether we will elect this man, or even come close to electing this man, knowing all we know about him.

Here is the compliment I can pay Donald Trump, and I pay it with real gratitude: He never hid who he was. Perhaps he lacked the self-control, or the self-awareness, but whatever the mechanism, he never obscured his cruelty, or his misogyny, or his greed, or his dishonesty. He is not a clever demagogue but a crude one.

He mocked a disabled reporter while the cameras were rolling. He accused his opponent’s father of conspiring to kill John F. Kennedy. He attacked the parents of a fallen war hero. He retweeted white supremacists. He accused a judge of bias because of his “Mexican heritage.” He directed the world to watch a nonexistent sex tape of a woman he body-shamed a decade ago. He lies, constantly, fluently, and shamelessly. He insults his opponents with schoolyard nicknames while retweeting slavish sycophants.

Trump knows nothing about policy and has learned nothing about it. [emphases mine] He has incited violence at his rallies, joked about the assassination of the Democratic nominee, and casually thrown the NATO alliance into doubt. He has proven himself a man of little discipline and less grace, incapable of either forgiving or forgetting, and completely unable to control his own reactions. He believes only what he wants to believe, trusts only the polls that show him ahead, listens only to the people who flatter his ego.

He has done all this in public, and he has done all of it repeatedly, almost gleefully. If we elect him, there will be no excusing our actions to future generations, no pleading ignorance in the face of threat. It was all here. It was all obvious. It will all be visible to our children, and to historians.

Trump told us who he was, showed us who he was, again and again. The test here is not of his decency, but of our own.

And if this Wikileaks dump of Clinton’s speeches (she actually does support free trade and is a friend to Wall Street– I’m shocked, shocked!) was done to take attention away from Trump what a massive fail.  All it’s done is let this story be utterly buried under the Trump avalanche.  And any of the Bernie supporters upset about what they read (and many surely will be) are not exactly thinking tonight that this is the time they want to chance Trump in the White House.

Hillary and the Millennials

Interesting take in Vox that Hillary’s real problem is a lack of turnout enthusiasm (as opposed to third-party support) among non-white young people:

Clinton’s real millennial problem: depressed turnout from young black and Latino voters

But even if Rogowski’s numbers don’t suggest millennials are flocking to Stein and Johnson, they still have very troubling news for team Clinton about these young voters.

This is where the results dramatically diverge from the stories I and othershave published about Clinton and millennials. Many of them have suggested that largely white Bernie Sanders supporters account for Clinton’s apparent difficulties with young voters.

“Clinton is still having trouble winning the allegiance of the young, a disproportionate number of whom are backing either Stein or Libertarian Gary Johnson,” Harold Myerson wrote at the American Prospect on Thursday. “A hard core of young, white Bernie-or-Busters may yet believe that voting for Stein, or even Johnson, is an expression of their disdain for the system … it’s more clearly an expression of something quite different: their white skin privilege.”

Rogowski’s data challenges that conclusion. Because he broke down young voters’ preferences by race, Rogowski lets us examine what’s really causing Clinton to run somewhere between 15 and 30 points behind Obama among young voters.

And it’s pretty clearly not white young people defecting to Johnson and Stein. In fact, Clinton is actually doing nearly as well with young whites as Obama did in 2012 — Obama won 43 percent of young white voters against Mitt Romney, and Clinton is set to garner around 41 percent of them, according to Rogowski’s numbers.

You see a much steeper drop in support from Obama to Clinton among young black and Latino voters. In 2012, Obama won 91 percent of the young African-American vote, 88 percent of the Asian-American vote, and 74 percent of the Latino vote. By contrast, Clinton is now pulling just 74 percent of likely African-American voters, 71 percent of the Asian-American vote, and 64 percent of the Latino vote.

Pretty convincing.  That said, I’m nonetheless intrigued by the shifts in the latest Quinippiac survey:

So, the unenthusiastic minorities is certainly a real thing.  But I also suspect that it’s a real thing that a lot of younger voters’ flirtation with Johnson and Stein is wearing off.

The “rigged” election

I don’t need to explain to you just how incredibly harmful it is for our democracy for Trump to continually spread the idea that if he loses it’s because the election is “rigged.”  So wrong.  This is tinpot dicatorship stuff; not what we should be having from a candidate in a modern democracy.  Ugh.  That said, a great take from Samantha Bee’s show:

Oh, and if’ that’s not bad enough, this filth also comes from official organs of the Republican Party, like right here in Wake County, NC: (thanks to Jon K for sharing)

We need YOUR help.

If you would like to learn how to become a POLL OBSERVER and work inside the polls, watching for fraud and viligantly protecting the act of voting in free and fair elections which stands at the center of our democracy, then I encourage you to contact us today so we can get you signed up, trained and scheduled!

Just email your name and contact information to: observers@wakegop.org or simply CLICK HERE and send us that info. Our voter fraud team will contact you and get you started!

It is no exaggeration to say the left is targeting Wake County. You’ve seen the mailings, the social media attacks, the ads, the extortions, lies and shamlessness of the liberals (excuse, me – the “progressives”).

They will stop at nothing and registering dead people or falsifying voter information is simply a “means to an ends” for them. [emphasis mine] You can thwart their illicit attempts to swing this election if you help us as a pol observer. 

Please contact us today.

Thank you for all you are doing!

Charles Hellwig

1st Vice Chair

Wake County Republican Party

Seriously, this is just disgusting.  Welcome to Trump’s America.

Trump could literally not be “Secretary of” anything

Except maybe, Trump Inc.  Seriously, if you want to be in the President’s cabinet you simply need to share your tax returns.  That’s how it works.  Yet, Donald Trump wants to be able to appoint the entire Cabinet (and federal judges, etc.) without even sharing his tax returns.  Sorry, just wrong.  Nice NYT Op-Ed from two former White House Ethics Lawyers (including GW Bush’s):

As ethics counsel to the current president and his predecessor, we scrutinized their tax returns before they were released every year. We also worked with our colleagues to review many tax returns of presidential nominees for cabinet and other positions. Based on the few pages of Donald J. Trump’s 1995 tax returns that have become public, we have come to the conclusion that no one in his position would have been nominated, much less confirmed by the Senate, during either of the administrations we served. The same is true of any modern administration of a president from either party.

If a presidential candidate cannot meet that standard, then we question his qualifications for the highest office in the land…

Any nominee who had told either of us that he had a “fiduciary responsibility” as a businessman or to his family to pay as little tax as possible, as Mr. Trump put it, would have been told to stop wasting the president’s time. People who believe they have a legal duty to put self-interest before the public interest don’t belong in public service. Besides, these are personal tax returns we are talking about. There is no such thing as a “fiduciary duty” as a businessman to oneself. That, as we’ve said before, is called greed…

The final deal killer here is Mr. Trump’s objection to the release of even the limited information that has come out, and his refusal to disclose more. At the White House we asked nominees for Senate-confirmed positions to sign a waiver so we could get tax information from the I.R.S., and we also asked nominees to be ready to provide their tax returns to the Senate upon request. Several of the committees most important to national security and the economy — such as the Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Finance — routinely insist on receiving tax returns. Neither of us can recall a single nominee who refused, and with good reason. If the White House were to so much as delay in disclosing the tax returns of a nominee, much less tell the Senate that a nominee did not want to disclose them, the nomination would be dead on arrival…

No presidential nominee with Mr. Trump’s tax situation, his years of undisclosed tax returns, and his attitude toward paying taxes could have been approved by the Senate. Indeed, no president would have dared nominate him. All of us should weigh that heavily in assessing Mr. Trump’s fitness for the Oval Office. [emphasis mine]

Sadly, this is about 20th on the list of showing how breathtakingly unfit Trump is to be president.

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