Least anticipated VP debate ever?

No.  But at least since 2004.  Paul Ryan was responsible for all sorts of Republican excitement in 2012.  And 2008– Sarah Palin vs. Joe O-Biden– now, that’s good stuff.  After a couple of cycles were the VP candidates were a moderately or bigger deal, it’s kind of weird how incredibly off-the-radar the VP candidates have generally been.  Sure, I’ll watch tonight, but at least half of that is out of a sense of professional obligation rather than looking forward to it.

I have no predictions, but I certainly like Yglesias’

That’s highly doable and would be fun to see.

Also, worth noting that VP debates don’t actually matter  But, just because it’s highly unlikely they will influence the election, they can be good for some classic moments.  Hopefully we’ll get something half as good as one of these tonight.


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5 Responses to Least anticipated VP debate ever?

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    The immediate judgement after the VP debate was that Pence won because he was so calm and statesmanlike.
    What? Did we watch the same debate? Kaine pounded Pence relentlessly, calling off one Trump intemperate statement after the other. Pence looked like a wussy, dodging and ducking, pivoting and distracting – anything but defending Trump.
    OK, Kaine may have been a little pushy with his initial interruptions, but soon both candidates were merrily interrupting each other until the moderator couldn’t get a word in edgewise.
    The only time Pence looked strong, maybe dangerously strong, was when he came close to suggesting that using the military to end Russian influence in Syria and elsewhere.was his plan for projecting American strength. Is that the kind of strength voters want? Is that Trump’s secret plan?

    • Steve Greene says:

      Insofar as a debate is a performance, Pence won on style points. Insofar as a debate is watched by elites/journalists and leads to stories/themes throughout the week, not at all clear he “won.”

      • R. Jenrette says:

        Since when are political debates decided on “style”? Sort of decadent.

      • Jon K says:

        Since they started. Nixon lost the debate against JFK because he was sweaty, had a five o’clock shadow, and turned down make-up.

  2. Jon K says:

    Admiral Stockdale’s son went to the same prep school I did. One of his grandchildren was in my class.

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