More post debate thoughts

I should take a Xanax, let this all go for now, and go to bed.  Should.  A few quick thoughts.

1) How I know Clinton won.  Democrats are always so ready to freak out and panic.  Not the slightest hint of that.  Sure, each side likes to think it won, but in my experience, Dems are too ready to think they’ve lost.  Literally none of that here.

2) That said, we’ll have a much better idea tomorrow who won.  And that’s going to be based on what the media decides is worth focusing on for the rest of the week coming out of the debate.  That said, again, I have a hard time seeing how that’s not Trump’s temperament, Trump’s lies, or Trump’s taxes.  Hmmm, I guess I really think Clinton won.

3) And to be clear, “winning” a debate is far less about what happens on that stage than the consensus narrative that the media comes to about the debate in the following day(s).

4) This was Trump’s big chance to be “presidential.”  Only pulled it off for 30 minutes or so.  That’s not good enough.

5) I should probably have more to say.  Sorry.  Hopefully some good stuff tomorrow.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to More post debate thoughts

  1. Jon K says:

    She totally nailed him on the taxes. He pretty much conceded he doesn’t pay anything.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    With the TV camera on Trump the whole debate, it was noticeable that he could not stay still. Some part of him was always moving, eyebrows, mouth, drinking water(Marco, did you see that?) closing his eyes, opening them, leaning forward, interrupting, etc.
    Which candidate has the most stamina was very clear – he lost his ability to make a coherent sentence toward the end and couldn’t stay on point; she was alert and focused and looked like she could go on at least another hour or even 11 hours.
    In fact she went right to a rally and was bright as ever.
    MSNBC had the camera running after the Trumps came out of the Spin Room and while they were waiting to get in their cars. Trump seemed engaged in a lively conversation with his son Eric. The talk seemed a little more energetic and interesting but MSNBC cut off the camera.

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