Just embarrassing

Seriously, if I was a Republican I would be so horrifyingly embarrassed of my party.  Check out the latest public opinion results on the “birther” issue:

The experiment lays bare two of the competing rationales that can motivate survey-takers.

On the one hand, people tend to jump at the chance to endorse any negative statement about their candidate’s political opponents, a tendency that’s only been exacerbated by increasing political polarization in recent years. That’s always been part of the appeal of birtherism for many Republicans, who loathe Obama and are prone to agree with any statement that casts him in a bad light.

On the other hand, people also tend to rely on partisan cues when answering surveys, making them more likely to take a particular stance on an issue if they think it puts them in line with their party’s leaders. HuffPost/YouGov polling last yearfound that, for instance, Republicans were far more likely to support universal health care when the idea was attributed to Trump, while Democrats were more enthusiastic about the concept when it was attributed to Obama.

That leaves Republicans who’ve supported birtherism caught between either abandoning their belief or opposing their presidential nominee.

“The best they can do, while still ‘saving face’ is to move to the ‘uncertain’ category,” Miller said. “A full reversal would be too identity threatening.”

So amazingly pathetic that only 1/3 of Republicans can bring themselves to admit Trump was born in America.

Yes, surely Democrats believe some dumb things, too.  Partisanship has an amazing power to make people stupid, but, really, nothing anywhere close to this.

And just for fun, a survey from May that shows how Republican hatred for Obama has convinced them he’s ruined the economy:

And, yes, you know how dumb that is, but nice to see just how wrong:


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3 Responses to Just embarrassing

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    It must be that in the alternate universe that many Republicans live in, Obama really was born outside of America.
    That’s the same universe where the climate is not changing. And where voter identity fraud is rampant.

  2. rgbact says:

    When Hillary is campaigning on shows called Between Two Ferns….no, I’m not embarrassed by dumb GOP voters. Liberals tell me everyone, no matter how dumb should vote. Then they mock dumb GOP voters on every liberal comedy show. Just so long as we don’t ask for ID or make it somewhat hard for a dumb person to vote I guess..

  3. R. Jenrette says:

    And who is it that has the hubris to think they can identify dumb vs smart?

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