Partisanship über alles

So, this tweet has certainly been making the rounds today.  It’s pretty amazing.

Basically, this tells us one thing… partisanship is really, really strong.  What’s changed about Putin since 2014?  If anything, he’s gotten worse and become even more of a heavy-handed tyrant who has done more to threaten US interests.  It short, there is simply no rational basis to change one’s opinion of Putin in a positive direction as very many Republicans have clearly done.  That is, unless you simply account for partisanship.  We have a Republican nominee who is clearly a huge fan of Putin.  And for many Republicans (though, fortunately, still a minority), that is enough.

Not at all to suggest Democrats are immune from such effects, but this is a nice reminder of how dangerous mindless and reflexive partisanship can be.

Charts like this never get old

A nice piece in the Economist summarizing some of the more recent political science attempts to explain Trump.  So, okay, not new, but is it wrong that I feel a bit of smug satisfaction every time I see a chart like this?

I think it is because Trump is so self-evidently, truly, horrible that it actually makes me feel better to think that so much of his support is actually driven by racism.  Anyway, more good stuff at the post.

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