All my friends hate Trump

This was a pretty interesting Pew analysis last week about how constricted our social circles are.  One of the fun parts about being at a big wedding this past weekend was being exposed to a lot more diversity in political views than I am used to in my usual social circles.  Though, being a very-educated crowd, no matter how Republican they were, it was hard to find much, if any, enthusiastic support for Trump.  Anyway, back to Pew:

In an increasingly contentious presidential campaign, just a quarter of voters who support Donald Trump in the general election say they have a lot or some close friends who are supporters of Hillary Clinton. Even fewer Clinton backers (18%) say they have at least some friends who support Trump.

Nearly half of Clinton supporters (47%), and 31% of Trump supporters, say they have no close friends who support the opposing candidate.

It depends upon how one defines close friends, but as for me, I do have a few (not many) close friends who are Republicans but I don’t think (hope) any of them actually support Trump.  That’s what happens from having educated close friends.  Now, as for close stepmothers…


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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