Russia, damnit!

So, I was watching Fox in the gym this morning as they were speculating on violent riots at the Democratic convention.  Nothing, of course, about Russia.  And thinking that imagine if there were any evidence whatsoever that the Russian government was working to help Clinton.  That would be literally wall-to-wall coverage.  Is there an open and shut case?  Of course not.  But again, plenty of independent experts on such matters think is is plenty plausible that the Russian government is behind this leak.  That should be a huge story. This is not some Clinton fantasy, but a genuinely reasonable and plausible explanation given the evidence.  So, where’s the media?  NYT front page is on it.  Washington Post has a link buried way down.  CNN has a piece under “opinion.”  And the current only comes up with Olympic news on the front when you search for Russia.  Pathetic!

Oh, and as for the emails, I did a quick skim of the Post’s “Here are the latest, most damaging things in the DNC’s leaked emails.”  And good Lord, talk about a mountain out of a mole hill.  There’s just so little that is truly surprising or damaging here.  I mean seriously, one of the top 10 is that Wasserman Schulz called a Sanders aide a “damn liar.”  Oh, the horror.  And this is what is dominating media coverage?!  Next month in my Media class I’ll talk about the media’s bias for conflict and negativity (remember this whole event next time somebody complains about “liberal media bias”).  You are seeing it in spades here.


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