Been meaning to write a long post after Trump’s speech, but that will have to wait till I’m back from the beach.  For now, I just want to say I really like the choice of Tim Kaine.  He seems very smart, very competent, knows and cares about public policy, and is plenty liberal enough, so that works for me.  In short, I think he would probably make a very good president, and honestly, that should be the number one thing you want in a Vice President.

And for the Bernie supporters upset that he’s not liberal enough– get over yourselves.  I liked this quick take in the NYT:

Under other circumstances, the Clintons might be more inclined to consider a running mate to inspire the Democratic base the way Warren or Booker or Castro could. But they have correctly concluded that liberal and minority Democrats will still have tremendous amounts of motivation to turn out in November — courtesy of Donald Trump.

So the boring centrist white guy should be just fine.

So, no, Kaine is not going to go out there and draw huge crowds like Sarah Palin did for McCain in 2008, but that’s not what Hillary Clinton really needs.

Also, though it is entirely expected, I cannot help but being saddened by how the selection is overwhelmingly covered through the “game orientation” of why did Hillary pick him and how does he effect her electoral prospects (not much, these days no VP really does) with so little on just what kind of person and politician is this man who very well may be just a heartbeat away from the presidency.  (And to be fair, the same goes for the coverage of Pence).

Real America

Jon Stewart makes a surprise on Colbert and it’s so, so good.  Especially this last part of the segment (though, you should definitely consider watching all of it).

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