Melania’s plagiarism

Okay, this is mostly just amusing to me at one an amazingly amateurish campaign Trump is running in some ways.  How did somebody they they were going to plagiarize Michelle Obama and get away with it in this day and age?!

Does it matter?  Sure, some.  Party conventions are all about getting your message out by dominating the news for a few days.  Normally, that is a positive message for the campaign.  When the news is all about the plagiarized speech of the candidate’s wife– not so great.  And it’s not that people will now not vote for Trump because of this, the problem for Trump is that it takes the place of what for him should be, hopefully, positive coverage coming out of the convention.  To the degree that this is a one-day story and blows over, this is pretty minimal, but the longer people keep talking about it during the convention, the less they are talking about the presumably pro-Trump (realistically, far more anti-Clinton) messages the campaign wants to get out.


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One Response to Melania’s plagiarism

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    I’m late in commenting on this but I’ve been thinking that Melania is the one responsible for this.
    What kind of judgement did she show in throwing out a speech written for her by skilled pros hired by the Trump kids? What kind of ego does this woman have that makes her think she has the expertise to take over on something so important? It looks like she was irritated by the kids taking over so she took this kind of risk.
    Of course that staffer wasn’t to blame – she wanted to please her friend. So she fell on the sword.
    Does Melania have an ego to match her husband’s?
    As for her being a private person and so how amazing it was that she could deliver a speech so well to a huge national audience – she was a professional model before marrying Trump, used to public viewing that revealed much about her.

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