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From a recent In Focus photos of the week gallery.  I’m looking forward to the resumption of the Euros today after the short break.  Lots of good games on tap the next few days.

Jan Durica of Slovakia and Artem Dzyuba of Russia battle for possession during the UEFA EURO 2016 Group B match between Russia and Slovakia at Stade Pierre-Mauroy on June 15, 2016, in Lille, France.

Mike Hewitt / Getty

The world vs. Donald Trump

Had a great conversation yesterday with a student who had recently returned from a study abroad trip this summer.  Among things she noted was the amazing amount of anti-Trump sentiment in persons she came across from other countries.  When it comes to trusting Donald Trump to do the right thing in international affairs, foreigners are quite wise– they seem to fully realize he’s a loose, untrustworthy cannon.  It’s not just anecdote, here’s the data from a recent Pew survey:

Comparative confidence in political leaders and U.S. presidential candidates on their international role

Also note that pretty much everybody but Poland trusts Trump even less than Putin.

Immigration, cultural change, and Trump

It’s pretty damn clear that “Make America Great Again” is not really all that far from “Make America like it was decades ago when white men were unquestionably in charge and we didn’t have to worry about all these minorities, women, and immigrants expecting equal treatment!”  PRRI and Brookings have released a pretty amazing report looking at all sorts of issues of immigration, crime, terrorism, cultural change, etc., that is absolutely chock full of interesting stuff.  You really should check it out and at least skim the charts.  That said, here are the charts I find most intriguing:

I guess if you are a White evangelical Protestant all those damn gays and women having sex, etc., far outweighs the fact that women and minorities actually have rights now.


Not surprisingly, Trump supporters really don’t like immigrants who cannot speak English.

chart (1)

Okay, this really kills me that half of Americans somehow believe that whites are just as discriminated against as minorities.  The ignorance behind agreement with that statement is simply staggering.  And notice that it is highest in less-educated whites, i.e, Trump’s base.

chart (2)

And how’s this for xenophobia.  Protect us from those foreign influences, Donald Trump!

chart (3)

Oh, and as long as we’re fearful of the “other,” this chart nicely captures how Trump supporters are unique, even among the more xenophobic Republicans:

chart (4)

And, finally, just because it’s all there, let’s tax rich people more damnit!  Even Republicans agree.

chart (5)



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