Least surprising chart of the month

I love this Reuters‘ “Exclusive” on the racial views of Trump voters.  I don’t know that these particular survey questions have been asked of Trump supporters, but the unenlightened racial views of Trump supporters is not exactly news.  Anyway, here’s the not-surprising chart:

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4 Responses to Least surprising chart of the month

  1. rgbact says:

    Should’ve asked Sanders supporters……who were white Democrats. Hillary won largely on the black vote, so this survey is largely ridiculous. Most people don’t have negative views of themselves. I’m actually surprised that Cruz and Kasich don’t diverge more too.

  2. Alex says:

    But that baseline! 1/3 of Clinton supporters think black people are more criminal than white people, and more than 1/5 think they’re less intelligent?? I wonder how much higher those numbers go if you remove black responders from the survey.

    God help our country.

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