A minor anti-Catholic rant

Okay, all you secular humanists can just skip this one :-).

So, for years I’ve been a group leader in Vacation Bible School with my various kids.  I’ve been doing it since David was in first grade and for years now  he has been my “teen assistant” for taking care of the group with one or the other younger sibling.  Anyway, Bible aside, it’s just a lot of fun– games, crafts, etc., with some learning about God thrown in.  Plus, I love hanging out with kids– not just my own.  I think my second favorite job after college professor might be third or fourth grade teacher.

The group leader gets to do pretty much all the same fun stuff as the kids during the week.  If it’s fun, I participate, too; if it’s boring I let the station leaders handle everything (and in recent years, surreptitiously check the world on my phone).

So, since I’m doing this every morning this week, you are getting less blog posts.  But I’ve got a mini-rant I’ve got to get out.  So, Protestants have been doing VBS for years.  They are really good at it.  They create VBS “kits” that are full of entertaining, creative ideas to making learning about the bible and religion active and fun (this company is great).  For Catholic churches, this is a newer thing.  Alas, some Catholics object to these Protestant kits for not being “Catholic” enough.  So, now there’s some Catholic kits that my church has switched to.  And they are horrible!  They’ve tried to reinvent the wheel and come up with a square.  Okay, that’s a little harsh.  There’s some good stuff, but so inferior.  For example, the Protestant kits come up with fun, interactive ways for the kids to actually act out and participate in a bible story.  Our version reads a bible verse for 5 minutes and then comes up with random, not particularly good kids games for the next 20.

And here’s the real kicker– there’s no meaningful difference between Catholicism and Protestantism when you are 7!  (And that’s about the median age of the kids).  Jesus loves you.  Be good to other people.  Pray.  Be thankful.  And variations on that.  So, give me the Protestant version of those sentiments and make it fun.

Okay, it still is fun, because the kids don’t actually realize how inferior the material is and there still are games, crafts, etc., and I still do really enjoy hanging out with kids, but so frustrating.  But now I feel better because I got that out.  And while you are reading this I may be helping some 5-year olds turn licorice into an angel before eating it.

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