Guns aren’t going anywhere

From a recent Gallup daily update.  Here’s one messaging war the NRA folks have sure won:

The Two Strains of Americans' Approaches to Guns

Of course, the evidence is pretty clear that this is not actually true.  But that never got in the way of public opinion.

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4 Responses to Guns aren’t going anywhere

  1. ohwilleke says:

    It would be interesting to see breakdowns by region, urban-suburban-rural, and the usual demographic categories. Also, potentially, this is a soft spot where concerted messaging with solid empirical support can change public opinion.

  2. Mike in Chapel Hill says:

    Is the evidence clear on this? In many parts of the country there are already a lot of people with guns, and not many shootings. Would having more concealed weapons in these parts of the country, by these same groups of people, lead to more gun shooting death? I am not sure.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Actually, you are right. It’s not the concealed weapons permits, its the number of guns period which is clearly correlated with more shootings (i.e., less safe). Concealed carry permits above and beyond the mere number of guns probably doesn’t matter much.

  3. R. Jenrette says:

    If nothing else, it might help prevent some teenage and other suicides.

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