Big News versus real news

So, Trump fired his campaign manager today!  48 point font!  “Big pivot!”  Everything will be different now.  Yes, I’ve already been interviewed about this big story.  It’s all the political media can seem to talk about.  And, yet, the actual impact this will have on the election, I’d put it at <.5%.  It’s not actually surprising, but it still is pretty amazing to see just how breathless the political media can get over campaign “events” like this.

Worst, perhaps, was actually the New York Times, which ran a big story on this as the Trump pivot.  This despite the fact that the NYT national political correspondent ran a piece not long ago on the pivot as campaign reporting trope.  And here’s Greg Sargent on the folly of hoping for a campaign pivot.  And Jamelle Bouie as well.

Alas, but I digress.  My main point is not the silliness of focusing on Trump’s pivot.  My main point is the silliness of acting like Trump firing his campaign manager actually has larger meaning.  Oh, if you were a reporter and asked, I could give you all kinds of good sound bites on it.  But in the big picture, it just doesn’t really matter.  Safe to say, when I saw the the cable news coverage in the gym today, it was but a momentary distraction from far more important matters– Euro 2016.


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to Big News versus real news

  1. ohwilleke says:

    CNN covered almost nothing else all day. Why should a minor staff shakeup in a presidential campaign suck up all other news on the planet (three days before Brexit which could reshape the entire sovereignty system of Europe).

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    What makes the pivot serious is how involved the Trump children seem to have been. So what happens when they have his ear and trade deals are negotiated? The Trump businesses have wide international interests. Sounds like Trump, Inc. sees big rewards in having Daddy as President.
    Makes the Clinton Foundation allegations seem really junior varsity.

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