On leaving the Republican Party

A former student of mine who was canvassing for Thom Tillis just two years ago can’t take it anymore.  This is not his post, but he did share it on social media.  Some good stuff:

I’m writing this letter to explain why and encourage others to think about their own voting and party membership decisions.

Most people reading will have guessed the reason by now. It’s simply this: the Donald Trumpmovement in the party has been given equal footing, equal opportunity, and equal respect as any other faction in the party. Why is this a problem? Because of what it represents.

Donald Trump openly demagogues race issues around immigration and crime. He has even demurred to repudiate the KKK and David Duke when asked. He repeatedly gives voice to white supremacist accounts on his Twitter feed, in one instance retweeting fake statistics on black-on-white crime. In the debates, Mr. Trump has called for ordering our military to commit war crimes by the use of torture and targeting the wives and children of suspected terrorists.

A big tent party will have many factions and disagreements, but certain views should be regarded as basic tests of fellowship. The party leadership and GOP officials across the country have repeatedly failed to repudiate Mr. Trump’s odious views on the issues outlined above. Mr. Trump continues to receive standing, respect, and access that the party in the past has not given to candidates with similar views. The GOP voters, to their lasting shame, have given Mr. Trump wins in several states, further legitimizing him.

The time is well past for men and women of good conscience to make a stand. I was happy to see Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Ben Sasse, and several others voice emphatic opposition to the Trump movement. Unfortunately most of the party’s leadership have been silent or circumspect. Many have been altogether silent. Still others, such as Reince Priebus and the several Republican politicians who have had the poor sense to endorse Mr. Trump, have done much to fan the flames and encourage his supporters. This is not acceptable. This is not my party…

To my fellow conservatives: expect better. No, demand better. We stand for things that are important and that are bigger than any one political party. Important things we need to stand for include human dignity, racial equality, and opportunity for all. The GOP has lost its way. I’d encourage you to leave the party with me and look for opportunities to be a part of building something new.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to On leaving the Republican Party

  1. rgbact says:

    Polls are indeed showing that Republicans are losing more college educated voters than usual…..while gaining more non college educated. It happens. Parties change. Uneducated people get to vote . Racists too. Such is democracy.

    It’ll be interesting how the new coalitions shake out.

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