The kids aren’t alright(?)

Oh, man, does John Cole unleash (too much profanity for me to try and clean up; apologies) on young, disaffected Bernie supporters.  I think he’s being unduly harsh, but damn is it fun to read stuff like this:

But let me get back to the god damned kids. I honestly don’t care if a bunch of political neophytes have a sad because Bernie isn’t going to win. I don’t care if they hold a hissy fit. It’s time for them to grow the fuck up, and I am tired of the Bernie or Busters trashing the Democratic party because they don’t get their way.

Here’s the deal. I was a republican for years. I was a member of the party. I donated to them, voted for them, and worked to elect Republicans. I then realized I was an idiot and all the things I thought they stood for they don’t, and I beat a hasty retreat.

I looked around. I thought about just going independent. I nixed the idea because I realized this is a two party system, and if I want to be an effective part of the process, I had to be involved. So I joined the Democrats. I donate to the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, to individual candidates, to Democratic causes. I went and will go door to door. I phone banked. I helped raise money for Democrats. I feel a bit of ownership in my party. And my party chose Hillary Clinton, and that is who I am going to support in the fall.

I am also an adult, and realize that you take the good with the bad in a party. For every Sherrod Brown and Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, there is a Ben Nelson. But that doesn’t change the fact that overall, the Democratic party has and continues to be, overall, a force for good. I’m proud to be a Democrat. I like putting the sticker on my car and the sign in my yard, because I am proud of the party. I feel a sense of ownership an d personal pride because I have helped to make the party what it is.

So it really fucking pisses me off when I hear a bunch of kids who just recently even became old enough to vote, or a bunch of disaffected independents who could never bother to commit to a party because they are just above it all or too special to fit into the confines of the two parties or angry bitter old leftists screaming that Nader was right and the Democratic party is no different than the Republicans screaming that their guy, who has been a Democrat for a year, doesn’t get to win because they have really strong feels.

I want to kick puppies when I hear the whining about closed primaries. I wish they were all closed primaries. I think Democrats should choose the Democratic candidates. Fuck you, you special flower. Go join the Greens and vote for Jill Stein. In the general, you can vote for whomever is on the ballot. But in the primaries, you have to choose a party. Fucking deal.

Yeah, harsh, but pretty much something like that.  Also, I love that he shares my hate-watching of House Hunters:

Basically, what we are dealing with when we hear about the kids not getting their way with Bernie is the political equivalent as the same annoying entitled fucks who at the age of 22 go on House Hunters and demand granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and his and her en suite bathrooms and wood floors and a big deck because “they like to entertain.” Go earn that shit, and until then, go fuck yourself. Here- a bunch of old dudes wrote a song about this before you were born, you obnoxious little shits.

Your drum circle entitles you to zero votes. Also, get off my grass.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to The kids aren’t alright(?)

  1. BlythBros. says:

    You’ve covered it in bits and pieces, but he didn’t even scratch the surface for me. Add in the Bernie running as an independent in the general election crowd, Clinton conspiracy theorists, and, my favorite, the “but Silver bombed Michigan” pushers.

    I went from generally respecting Sanders and his policy but generally preferring Clinton’s similar policy but greater experience and chops to getting a bit agitated by the general dismissal of logic and reason for this new generation of emotional decision makers. I really hope it’s a vocal minority, as in the case of the Oberlin (and more) identity politics extremists…

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