This is what overt racism looks like

Awesome take from Will Saletan on Donald Trump’s racial slander of a federal judge:

Let’s recap. At least five times in the past year, the candidate who is now the Republican nominee for president has implied that certain public officials are suspect, or are acting against the national interest, because they or their family members are Latino. This isn’t a complaint about illegal immigrants. It’s not even a dog whistle. It’s a straight-up appeal to prejudice. It’s about the color of your skin, the sound of your last name, and where your ancestors came from…

Trump’s attack on Curiel is a warning, not just about who Trump is but also about how blasé we’ve become. On Sunday, Trump’s chief strategist, Paul Manafort, and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, were interviewed on major network news shows. Neither one wasasked about Trump’s tirade against the judge. Meanwhile, Republican senators shilled for Trump as usual. Overt race-baiting has become normalized.

This is how it happens. It happens when you’re not looking. It happens because you weren’t looking.

Okay, we knew Trump was a shameless charlatan.  What’s truly shameful is the silence from Republican “leaders” and too much of the media.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to This is what overt racism looks like

  1. ohwilleke says:

    Trump’s statements have to sow the seeds of a thousand strong discrimination lawsuits in his businesses. Neither the law, nor the norms of big business in the United States, accept this kind of behavior.

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