Bernie goes Trump

Via my friend Matt Shipman on FB in regards to Bernie’s failure to condemn the most deplorable behavior among his supporters:

Yeah. This is unacceptable. When folks who say they’re your supporters make death and rape threats against someone (and their grandkids), you don’t get to play victim. In fact, this was a great opportunity for Sanders. All he had to do was say that this was the work of a vocal minority, it’s unacceptable, etc. Instead, he says this.

I wasn’t a Bernie supporter before, but I didn’t have anything against the guy. But now…I don’t know. This wasn’t one supporter. And it’s not one incident. It’s a sustained trend (there’s even a catchy nickname for it!) that’s getting worse. And he’s refusing to address it. And that’s unacceptable. It’s, frankly, a lot like the way Trump handles complaints about bad behavior among his supporters. And that’s unacceptable too.

Seriously, Bernie can complain all he wants about the “unfair” treatment.  And, of course, the vast majority of his supporters are decent people behaving decently.  But when people behave like this in the name of supporting him, he absolutely, unequivocally has to condemn it.  Failure to do so marks him unfit to be president.

This time it really is different

Via Political Scientist Will Moore’s FB page.  Whoa.

Also, interesting to see Trump’s dramatic upturn as more and more Republicans come around on him because, despite his blindingly obvious awfulness, well, damnit, he’s the Republican nominee.  I think Hillary may get a small uptick once Bernie finally endorses her.

Also, I do imagine we are in store for the most negative campaign ever.

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