Republicans like winners?

Maybe I should save this post till after Indiana results come in, in case those don’t go as expected, but this recent Gallup result speaks to a larger issue which I think is pretty interesting– the veritable collapse in support for Ted Cruz.  Of course, maybe enough people are paying attention to him now that the absolute loathsomeness of his character cannot be denied, but whatever it is, it is really quite interesting that in this moment as he stands as the most viable #neverTrump, his favorability ratings among Republicans are taking a dive.  Gallup:

Trend: Ted Cruz's Image Among Republicans/Leaners

And, as for Trump, there’s this:

Trend: Donald Trump's Image Among Republicans/Leaners

So, maybe as it is ever more clear that Trump will be the nominee, Republican voters are liking the winner and not liking the loser (though how anybody could ever like Cruz is beyond me).  Anyway, pretty interesting dynamic here.  What I think will be most interesting going forward is how this latter chart changes once Trump is the actual nominee.  How close is he to his ceiling of support among Republican voters?  Of course, in the general election, a lot of those “unfavorable” Republicans will decide Hillary Clinton is way more unfavorable.  Although, unlikely that will be enough to prevent Trump facing an epic loss.


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2 Responses to Republicans like winners?

  1. ohwilleke says:

    Trump has refrained from the incendiary comments that defined his early campaign for a while and even made an anti-HB2 statement. Watch the kinder, gentle Trump blossom as it becomes more clear that the has captured the nomination.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    You think he will give up conspiracy theories? He just launched another one accusing Ted Cruz’s father of being connected to the JFK assassination.

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