Kasich on the Republican Party

From John Kasich’s interview with the WP Editorial board:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) criticized his party for a lack of ideas Wednesday in a wide-ranging and occasionally combative interview with The Washington Post’s editorial board.

Kasich, who sees the April 26 primary in Maryland as a way to increase his delegate total, argued that neither of his rivals could win the presidency, because of their negativity.

“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” ­Kasich said. “They want to be negative against things. We had Reagan, okay? Saint Ron. We had Kemp, he was an idea guy. I’d say Paul Ryan is driven mostly by ideas. He likes ideas. But you talk about most of ’em, the party is knee-jerk ‘against.’ Maybe that’s how they were created.”

Yep.  The extent of Republican ideas these days (Reformicons, etc., excluded) is Caveman-esque: taxes = bad; government = bad; anything Republicans think is a good idea = bad.


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5 Responses to Kasich on the Republican Party

  1. Jon K says:

    Exactly why I am voting for HRC. The current GOP, bound by Grover’s no tax increases ever pledge, has no way to make any deals. In order to get policy passed one has to be willing to give a little to get a little. The Republicans have apparently forgotten about that basic truth. Saying no to everything isn’t an agenda for governing a democracy. It is a recipe for disaster and dysfunction.

  2. rgbact says:

    What are the great Democrat ideas? Bathroom reform and never ending minimum wage increases?

    When you control most of the states….saying no is a great agenda.

  3. Jon K says:

    I would suggest that it is Republicans that are hung up on bathrooms. Saying no doesn’t solve the problems this country faces. The big issues that need to be dealt with tax reform, the deficit, and entitlement reform can’t be dealt with the current climate in the GOP. I find it irresponsible and bad for the country. A party needs a platform that actually has policy proposals that can work and make things better. I just cannot point to a single Republican idea that meets that standard. That’s what Kasich was saying, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

  4. R. Jenrette says:

    “When you control most of the states….saying no is a great agenda”. Oh, yeah? How is that working for you? Anger and disgust at both political parties is the result. Citizens in both parties want results that improve their lives.

    • rgbact says:

      Fair point…possibly. “Just say no” possibly created an “action vacuum” that someone like Trump was able to exploit. At a minimum, the presidential candidates didn’t offer any bold agendas…..and Trump was able to have some bold ideas. Course, those ideas also make him unelectable.

      Tax reform is worked on constantly, Not sure what the holdup is The deficit and entitlement reform there has been big progress. But I’ll admit, I wish Republicans had tried to craft an immigration reform that was better than the Gof8, ie less immigration.

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