Irrational fears? Buy a gun

Interesting NPR story the other day where they talked to concealed carry gun owners to see why, in their own words, they carry a gun.  Their stories were enlightening, though not exactly surprising:

“If you’re in Paris and you see people coming with AKs into your rock concert, that sucks. But it sucks worse if you’re unarmed,” says festival producer Robert Farago. “I’m not saying that being armed is gonna save your life, but at least you have an effective tool to mount some kind of defense.”

High school counselor Janna Delany, who carries a Ruger LC9, is more concerned about crime than mass shootings.

“It’s more just for me personally to give myself a little bit of peace of mind, somebody trying to carjack me or hold me up at a gas station or stopped at a red light or something,” Delany says.

Of course, I’m sure these same people drive their cars all over the place.  Or take baths.  Or ride an ATV.  Or mow the lawn.  Sure, it’s got to be awful to be in one of those situations and be defenseless.  But it’s probably pretty bad even if you are packing heat.  And your average person should be far more likely to worry about the danger of their neighbor’s swimming pool or the bacteria on their food.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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