God and Partisanship

Love this infographic from Pew:

The political preferences of U.S. political groups

Though there’s some really strong relationships, it’s worth nothing that few denominations are truly monolithic.  And I do get a kick out of the fact that Catholic pretty much perfectly mirrors the US population.

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2 Responses to God and Partisanship

  1. ohwilleke says:

    The United Methodist Church is the only real surprise there, not really that it is a more conservative mainline church, given its geography, but that it is more conservative than a lot of Evangelical churches.

    The “Anglican” church is a false friend and represents U.S. Episcopalians who have split off to affiliate with an African synod of the global Anglican church (not to be confused with historically black churches with similar names in the U.S.) specifically because they don’t like the liberal leanings of the U.S. Episcopal synod.

    The Muslim number makes sense given the anti-Muslim attitudes of the GOP, but is a bit odd as most Muslims are socially far more conservative than most Republicans and are also not particularly economically liberal leaning.

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