A cool new tool to see who you should vote for

So, interestingly I got asked to work with an international consortium based out of the Netherlands that designs on-line tools to help voters figure out which candidate and political parties are closest to their own views.  They have done their “Election Compass” (Kieskompass in the Dutch) in over 40 countries.  And I can personally attest that they really work hard to get their instrument right for the political context of the particular country.  After much hard work, the Election Compass for the US is live, and I must say it’s pretty cool.  Now, you may well have things well figured out if you are a reader of this blog, but this is certainly a cool tool to share with your family and friends that don’t.  And, hey, if you’ve wondered what’s really the difference between Rubio and Jeb on law & order issues, or health care issues, the tool is amazingly nuanced.

There’s 30 questions that capture the US context quite well.  And when you are done, it shows how close you are to each candidate in two dimensional space.  For example, here’s where I ended up:


Hey, I guess I should be an O’Malley supporter!  There’s also the option to refine the tool by placing more or less emphasis on certain issues.  I started to try that, but damn it, I care about everything!  That said, here’s what happens when I restrict my concerns to economy, education, and health care:


O’Malley on the nose!  Well, now I guess I just need to hope he holds on until NC :-).

Or, you can see how candidates get sorted by each of the 30 issues you are asked about.  Here’s the sort for increasing the federal minimum wage:


Anyway, very good stuff.  Have a little fun with it.  And if you think you know people who would appreciate it, please share and like the FB page.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

4 Responses to A cool new tool to see who you should vote for

  1. Jon K says:

    I missed this post until I found it today…. So of course I tried it. I have to say it probably got me just about right:


    I’ve become a ‘radical centrist’….

    • Steve Greene says:

      Love it. Part of me was hoping you’d end up exactly on top of Kasich (though I knew you’d end up left of center) :-).

      • Jon K. says:

        Yeah, but where I am is closer to Republicans like GHWB and Nixon then it is HRC… Sucks that – as I am learning from Dark Money- forces have pushed the GOP over towards the crazy right and away from the sensible center! My pops scored even closer to dead center than I did.

        There really isn’t a party that is a great fit for people like us right now is there? Sad because I have come to believe that truth – or at least good policy and good governance – can be found squarely in the middle…

  2. Mika says:

    I ended up very close to Sanders. And also my surname starts with Sand. I start to like that guy more and more 🙂

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