Photo of the day

Love a good murmuration .  Especially one that looks like a whale.  Also from the In Focus photos of the week gallery.

A murmuration of migrating starlings is seen across the sky in southern Israel on December 31, 2015.

Amir Cohen / Reuters

Trump’s ceiling

So, just a few days ago I speculated that Trump would ultimately done in by his inability to get support from Republicans not already supporting him.  But this latest Gallup favorability data makes me think I spoke to soon.  At 59% favorable, Trump is only topped by Cruz, ties with Carson.  The Republicans I know detest Trump, but safe to say I don’t know a representative cross-section of Republicans.  Like I said, I think he will likely fail, but he certainly has a real chance and this data would seem to very much undermine the case I made a few days ago.  Here’s the handy chart:

GOP Candidate Images, 2015-2016

And, boy, doesn’t Ted Cruz look good.  The bulk of the analysis in the Gallup report is actually about the precipitous fall of poor Jeb.  This guy is clearly toast, whether he realizes it or not.

Jeb Bush's Image: Two-Week Rolling Averages, 2015-2016

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