Marijuana > cigarettes

Among high school seniors, at least.  Interesting look at the popularity of marijuana versus cigarettes in high school.  Among 12th graders, smoking marijuana is now (just) more common than smoking cigarettes.  Wow!  Mostly because of a rather precipitous decline in smoking.  That is definitely really good news.  Here’s the chart:

In fact, kids are doing less of about every drug but marijuana.  That’s really good.  More marijuana, though, is not good.  Now, you know I think the war on drugs is absolutely horrible, especially as it relates to marijuana.  And I don’t think the using or possessing marijuana should be legal, but that doesn’t mean more kids smoking marijuana is a good thing.  Though, if they are using marijuana instead of other drugs (especially alcohol), that actually is a good thing.  We just don’t have enough data to know yet.

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