The straight dope

Okay, not quite a straight line increase in support for marijuana, but after a hard-to-explain downward blip, support for legalization continues to grow.  The latest from Gallup:

Trend: Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not?

And if there were any question as to continued change, look at support by age:

Trend: Support for Legalizing the Use of Marijuana, by Age Group, 1969-2015, Selected Polls

By all accounts, we should be expecting legal marijuana in Canada soon. When that proves not to turn the nation into a bunch of stoned-out druggies, that should only increase pressure to have more sane policies here in the U.S.  Good news, stoners, it’s only a matter of time.  And, maybe good news all Americans if marijuana use is shown to largely replace alcohol use.


I almost posted the other day “enough with the Biden speculation– he’s not going to run.”  Alas, you’ll have to believe me I almost posted that.  Why did I think that?  Because Biden is a smart politician and he already knows he’s lost.  That said, I thought maybe Biden coveted the attention enough at this stage in his life/career to run anyway– why else let all the speculation go on.  Presumably, he’s been made happy with all the attention from the speculation.  Because he never had a chance at this late stage in the game.  Nate Cohn’s headline nails it, “Joe Biden Ran in the Invisible Primary, and Lost to Hillary Clinton.”

For all her struggles with poll numbers and the email investigation this year, Hillary Rodham Clinton has done one thing really well: dissuade mainstream opponents by dominating the invisible primary, the behind-the-scenes competition for elite support that often decides the nomination…

Mr. Biden’s decision was informed by personal considerations, as he said Wednesday in bowing out, not just the cold calculus of building a national campaign. But the reality was that he would have struggled for the same reason that other traditional, establishment-friendly candidates decided not to run. The support from party operatives, donors and officials wasn’t quite there. The party had already decided, for Mrs. Clinton. [emphasis mine]

Take note, Bernie lovers.

Photo of the day

An actual space photo from the Mashable gallery I linked a few days ago:


A phenomenal natural light show of a lightning storm emanating from the underside of ominous storm clouds juxtaposed with the gleaming stars of the Milky Way above them. The photographer had watched the storm front over Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park in South Australia for around two hours before capturing this tumultuous scene, using a graduated filter upside down to balance to exposure from top to bottom to showcase the beauty of our Galaxy.


Makers vs. Takers

My, this is good:

Graph depicting The Myth of the Nation of Takers

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