These people know how Hillary did in the debate

From Jimmy Kimmel.  Awesome.

Photo of the day

Pretty awesome gallery from Mashable of space photos.  And this non space photo:


The majestic sight of the full moon setting behind the rose-tinted Alps. Taken in the silent surroundings of Superga hill in Turin, Italy, mere minutes before sunrise.


Quick hits

Sorry to be late with this.  Was out at a play Friday night when I usually get this post done.  “The Hound of the Baskevilles.”  I like Sherlock Holmes as much as the next guy, but literally the most boringn play I have ever seen.  Anyway, on with the show.

1) Given what we know about the microbiome, this piece asks “should we bank our own stool?”  Of course we should.
2) If you know anything about the Kitty Genovese murder chances are what you know is wrong.  Her brother is out to change that.

3) Love this essay from a “responsible” gun owner who decided the responsible thing to do was destroy his gun:

Mostly, I’m angry about what it says about America. The idea that kids getting slaughtered at school is too big a problem for us to solve absolutely infuriates me. If there is truly nothing we can do, nothing we can try — if we just have to accept it — then we have failed as a nation and as a culture. I don’t want to believe that.

Instead, I believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans — including American gun owners — want to reduce gun violence and are open to solutions: policing, education, training, technology, mental health, media and yes, gun laws.

I believe claiming the NRA speaks for all gun owners is like saying theWestboro Baptist Church speaks for all Christians. It doesn’t. The gun lobby in America is seen as some all-powerful political force, but it is a narrow special-interest group, same as any other. It has exactly the amount of power we give it.

And I believe people are ready for change.

4) Of course Netflix should bring Firefly back!  Why hasn’t this happened yet?

5) Women who show anger are taken less seriously than men who do.  But don’t worry, there’s no sexism left and feminists are just whiny man-haters.

6) So now I know why I got a robo-call during the day from my son’s HS principal.

7) Michael Tomasky on the stupidity on focusing on candidate’s “authenticity.”  I think I’ll just have to not take seriously any commentator who talks about authenticity from now on.

8) Of course Republicans would argue it would ruin the economy (of course we have empirical evidence it has not in the past), but increases taxes on the rich could bring in a lot of much-needed revenue.

But what could a tax-the-rich plan actually achieve? As it turns out, quite a lot, experts say. Given the gains that have flowed to those at the tip of the income pyramid in recent decades, several economists have been making the case that the government could raise large amounts of revenue exclusively from this small group, while still allowing them to take home a majority of their income.

It is “absurd” to argue that most wealth at the top is already highly taxed or that there isn’t much more revenue to be had by raising taxes on the 1 percent, says the economist Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel in economic science, who has written extensively about inequality. “The only upside of the concentration of the wealth at the top is that they have more money to pay in taxes,” he said.

9) Older faculty keep not retiring (I’m sure not planning on retiring any time before 70) and it is tough on university budgets.

10) One-star reviews of national parks.

11) Did NC legislators re-write US history?

12) The most amusing/confounding thing about Bernie to me is how we couches his moderation on gun policy about the need to work for compromise to actually get anything done.  This, of course, is at odds with all the rest of his positions.  And why Jamelle Bouie calls him an unserious candidate.

13) You know what else LARC’s are good for?  Implanting in women right after they have had a baby.

14) Great visual story-telling on what to do with all the dead bodies on Mount Everest (don’t worry, no dead bodies in the photos).

15) Tom Edsall on the Democrats also became the party of the rich.  Read it.


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