Photo of the day

I was so jealous to be on Facebook last night and see all the great photos of the supermoon eclipse while we were buried under miles and miles of clouds in North Carolina.  At least I could check out the Telegraph’s gallery today.

The supermoon rises behind Glastonbury Tor

The supermoon rises behind Glastonbury TorPicture: Matt Cardy/Getty


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One Response to Photo of the day

  1. Worth noting this picture — and many you’ll see online — are the result of some nice zoom effects and forced-perspective camera trickery, or are even outright fakes. The moon, and even the supermoon, which is only about 5% bigger, never actually appears larger than your thumb at arm’s length. (Seems like that can’t be right, but try it! It’s pretty amazing how *everyone* thinks the moon is way bigger in the sky than it really is, it’s a terrific example of how your memory can distort reality.) These images are still stunning but don’t capture the event very realistically.

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