Quick hits

1) Really enjoyed this NYT magazine profile of Kareem.

2) As a Catholic, I’ve always been particularly intrigued by the history of Catholic-hating in America.

3) Interesting take from Chait on climate change.  Also interesting to get David Roberts‘ take on Chait’s take.

4) Jon K. will love this.  A feminist conference where they’ve decided that hand-clapping is too anxiety provoking (wtf??) and that audiences should just do jazz hands instead.  No, not the Onion.

5) No, it’s not the actual ranking of colleges promised, but the Obama administration’s efforts to collect and publish data on graduation rates, debt loads, etc., is very useful.

6) There literally is too much good TV out there.  But you should still watch Bojack.

7) The other day my oldest son asked me why they don’t know the age of the new fossil human.  I was excited to be able to send him to this article.

8) Republican state legislators who are complete idiots are always easy pickin’s.  Still, I’d prefer it if they were not in my state.  What a nutjob.

9) How the upper-middle class (income 81-98th percentile) are pulling away from everybody else (though, not as much at the 99th, of course).

10) On how Exxon knew long ago about coming problems with climate change and mobilized it’s resources for denial and obfuscation.

11) Right.  As if Carly Fiorina is going to apologize for her bald-faced lies.

12) Watched Sixth Sense with David recently.  Holds up pretty well.  So different when you know what’s coming.  Really enjoyed this 538 on the death spiral of Shyamalan’s career.

13) Had this open tab about food irradiation too long.  We should just do it.

14) Is it wrong of me to not be upset about how male Colbert’s new writing staff is?

15) Oh damn did I love this take on higher education “quit lit”:

3. If your quit lit essay primarily discusses the unbearable politics, backbiting, and general petty behavior of academics, how you’re mad (or sad) as hell and you just can’t take it anymore, and we really need to do something about all this terrible stuff before the entire academic enterprise collapses, I can only say, welcome to the whole wide world. You just wrote an “I have a job,” essay.

16) Why you shouldn’t pay your kids for grades.  Personally, I’m all about insufficient justification (which would suggest paying low dollar amounts).  Also, you need to let kids learn by screwing up their household chores.

17) Loved this little essay connecting hatred of Ewoks with feminism.

18) You might have heard about the stay of execution in Oklahoma.  Read this to understand why he shouldn’t be on death row at all.

19) Ahmed Mohammed’s school.  Not a big fan of Muslims.

20) On our toxic, anti-family work-place culture.

THE problem is with the workplace, or more precisely, with a workplace designed for the “Mad Men” era, for “Leave It to Beaver” families in which one partner does all the work of earning an income and the other partner does all the work of turning that income into care — the care that is indispensable for our children, our sick and disabled, our elderly. Our families and our responsibilities don’t look like that anymore, but our workplaces do not fit the realities of our lives…

Bad work culture is everyone’s problem, for men just as much as for women. It’s a problem for working parents, not just working mothers. For working children who need time to take care of their own parents, not just working daughters. For anyone who does not have the luxury of a full-time lead parent or caregiver at home.



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