Results of the latest WP poll compared with their July poll.

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For all the talk about Fiorina and Kasich after the debate, it’s all about Ben Carson.  And dare I say Scott Walker is toast.  For now (been meaning to write a post on this), my money is on Rubio and his identical dots.


After taking forever for an intra-party GOP dispute to work itself out, we finally have our state budget.  Some trenchant commentary from my State Senator, Josh Stein:

I asked Fiscal Research to calculate the cost of the corporate tax cuts & tax provisions in the budget. The cost is $3.94 billion over next five years. And we don’t have enough money to raise teacher pay? Hire more teacher assistants? Buy more textbooks? Give state employees a raise?

I think schoolkids and teachers should be a higher priority than further breaks for out-of-state shareholders of large corporations. How about you?

Of course, what Josh doesn’t understand is that these tax breaks are going to supercharge the state economy so much that we’ll be swimming in money and can buy textbooks for every student!  You get a textbook!  You get a textbook! You get a textbook!

Photo of the day

Totally love Josh Hydeman’s Instagram feed.

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About that immigrant who took your job

Loved this morning’s FB thoughts from Keith Gaddie:

I am told that there is a voting segment that likes “straight talk” and hearing it like it is. Okay, here goes:

If someone who speaks good Spanish and bad English has a job, and you only speak English and don’t have a job, your language skills are not a barrier to your employment. Nor, evidently are those of the bilingual guy.

The minimum wage law doesn’t have anything to do with your unemployment either.

If an immigrant “took your job,” tell me about your career aspirations in framing, roofing, food service, domestic agriculture, or doing nails.

If you used to be an automotive worker, and think some immigrant took your job, check again. GM probably sent your job to Brazil. You could go there for the job, but you’d first want to learn Portuguese. And , you’d then be an immigrant.

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