Sympathizing with the terrorists

Okay, so this is just pathetic, a UNC professor teaching a class on “Literature of 9/11” dares to include writings or radical Islamists that blame America.  Obviously, the professor endorses those views and hates America.  Obviously, that is, if you are an intellectually-stunted Fox News conservative.  And you know what else?  Anonymous on-line reviews of the professor say that he only wants to hear his own views parroted back and you better not disagree with him.  (Interestingly, in my experience such angry on-line reviews never consider that low grades stem not from a lack of ideological agreement, but a lack of intellectual performance).  Clearly, this professor is a Jihadi-loving, America-hating threat to our nation’s impressionable college youth.  Oh, and the UNC student who started the whole imbroglio is basing all this simply by looking at the syllabus and not spending a minute reading the material or listening to the professor.  That’s surely highly accurate.  How dare the professor think that students could possibly learn anything by being challenged by the perspective of those who carried out the 9/11 attacks.  Shouldn’t he know that college is simply there to allow students to reinforce their pre-conceived notions of how the world works?

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to Sympathizing with the terrorists

  1. Jon K says:

    my favorite part was: “but he says he has received thank you notes from family members of September 11 victims.” i am sure he has…

    the guy wants to be the next sean hannity and has listened to a little too much talk radio. he ‘looked at the reading list’ and decided how the course was going to be taught? first of all this kid is a freshman – meaning he just graduated from high school and has no experience with college or college courses. nobody should care what this kid thinks. why wral is making a big deal about a freshman’s thoughts on a class he never even took is my question.

    if i did what this kid did i would have never taken Dr Greene’s feminism class, but I did take it and it was a positive experience. I didn’t always agree, like, or feel comfortable with all the ideas we covered in the class, but I am glad I took the course. I learned a lot about a subject I had never really investigated. When I heard things that I didn’t like – or that made me uncomfortable – I tried to think about why those ideas were making me feel that way. That is part of how one grows as a person and actually figures out what they really think and believe.

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