What’s wrong with people in this country?

My wife asked me that this morning after the news of the latest shooting.   My response: Nothing that couldn’t be ameliorated with far more sensible policies regarding guns.  I really doubt that America has that many more crazy people inclined to shoot others than other nations.  What we have is a country where it is way easier for them to get guns.  And until that changes, there will be a drumbeat of stories like today’s.  We are literally sacrificing lives on the altar of “gun rights.”  I’m not the least bit optimistic that today’s shooting will change anything.  But maybe someday enough people will be sickened by, rather than inured to, this senseless, senseless litany of death.

Photo of the day

I’d never heard of the Grand Canyon Skywalk until I read a story about it this weekend.  Ummm, wow.

Brian Woychuk.  The Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West.


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