Quick hits

So, had such the busy vacation this week that I probably did only a quarter as much (if that) of my usual on-line reading. Thus, you get a short, one-day quick hits.

1) So, in Kentucky they seem to think it appropriate to handcuff  8 and 9 -year old  kids with ADHD to get them to behave.

2) Not exactly photos, but a pretty awesome collection of movie stills (thanks, JP).

3) Are Republicans shooting themselves in the foot over abortion?  I actually don’t think so, but there’s a good case to be made for it.    The Vox take.   Drum has a provocative take:

Here’s an interesting recent poll question:

There’s not much need to tell you I just made this up. If it were real, this bill would get 0 percent support. Everyone who saw it would be immediately appalled at the idea that someone could be casually murdered if they were born as a result of rape or incest.

But if you ask this same question about abortion, this is roughly what you get. Very strong majorities, even among Republicans, support an exception to an abortion ban for rape and incest. Among other things, this is why I don’t believe most people who claim to believe that abortion is murder. If you support a rape or incest exception, it’s pretty obvious you don’t really think of abortion as murder.

4) I’m with this take on #blacklivesmatter and Bernie.

5) I love that Vox has so many articles about the ethics of meat-eating.  This one asks if there is a moral case for eating meat.  Let’s just put it this way… we damn sure owe our mean animals a much better life than we give them.  I wish we could do that as a society at minimum.

6) The Economist with (another) nice piece on gun ownership in America.

7) Conducted a little real estate during my recent vacation.  Had never actually heard of Redfin before a few weeks ago.  I’ve always thought many Real Estate agents earn way too much money.  My poor agent in Lubbock, Texas labored just as hard (if not harder) to sell us a $77,000 home as my dad worked to sell similar $400,000 homes in Northern Virginia (yet would earn less than 1/4 as much from that sale).  Glad to see that Redfin is bringing some meaningful disruption to this model.

8) John Oliver on Sex Education.  Of course it’s awesome.

9) Low fat versus low carb not at all settled by this research, but it does suggest that low carb does not have the metabolic advantages many believe.  The real secret?  Whatever helps the given individual best reduce calorie intake.

10) Now that’s what you call headline writing, “Carly Fiorina Comes Out in Favor of Kids Getting Measles.”

11) Chris Christie likes to pretend he is Mr. Truth-Teller/tell it like it is.  When it comes to taxes, he’s no better than other Republicans.

At that time, federal revenue is projected to equal about 19.4 percent of GDP absent any policy changes. There is, in other words, a vast budget gap that will need to be filled. Unlike his opponents, Mr. Christie has proposed specific benefit cuts that would narrow the gap somewhat. But neither his proposals, nor any other, can close the gap entirely in the absence of increased revenue. Trying to do so would leave the government paying pensions and rising interest costs (as it borrowed more and more) and devoting little or nothing to the other things Americans expect from government: defense, roads, bridges, basic scientific research, national parks and more.

Political bravery would be admitting this reality — not just the attenuated version the GOP base wants to hear — and refusing to pre-reject an entire range of policy options to deal with it. Some candidates have managed this. Though no fan of raising taxes, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, for example, has never signed the pledge through several previous campaigns for office. That is the only responsible position. To sign a pledge is to make a reckless promise that locks politicians into an arbitrarily restrictive budget policy, no matter what circumstances time brings, and ignores the reality that is bearing down on the nation.

12) I feel so much safer knowing that state law enforcement arrested a bunch of people for LSD, etc., at a nearby Phish concert.





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