Irony in photos

Had a great visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History yesterday with my two museum-loving children (the other two being back in NC with their mom).  That ties for Air & Space as my favorite museum (which we also hit yesterday).  I really enjoyed the new exhibit that was not there last time I visited (maybe 8 years or so ago) on Human evolution, sponsored by science-loving Koch brother, David Koch.


So, first we know that Koch loves evolution despite devoting himself to a political party where running for the presidential nomination means you almost have to say you don’t believe in evolution and a strong plurality seem to believe that humans have always existed in our present form (you might as well deny gravity).

Meanwhile, the exhibit was quite upfront about climate change and the issues it poses for humanity


It’s clear that David Koch’s goal is to do whatever makes the most money for Koch Industries, and he clearly believes that comes from Republican government, but I hope he at least has a little cognitive dissonance over matters such as this.

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