Why do Republicans hate the Republican Party?

Okay, not hate, but not necessarily like so much.  Very interesting chart from a recent Pew survey:

Republicans Less Favorable Toward the GOP

I would love to see this measurement over longer time horizons.  Based on this, it looks like that 86 support around the turn of the year was the real outlier.  Are Republicans just generally more dissatisfied with their own party than Democrats?  And if so, is there something about one of the many asymmetry’s that explains this?  For example, we know that Republicans are much more compromise averse, but the nature of government (in America, at least) is compromise.  Or the nature of government is governing, and Republicans maybe aren’t big fans of that.  Anyway, this is interesting and definitely worth unpacking further.


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5 Responses to Why do Republicans hate the Republican Party?

  1. rgbact says:

    Probably true, just based on my readings. More negativity in conservative media, might be one cause. Liberal media is far more “everything is great”. Having the presidency probably impacts that. I’m one of the few conservatives thats very positive about Republican Party imo.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Really? Somehow I’ve been missing this “everything is great” liberal media.

      • Jon K says:

        me also… but the ‘liberal’ media is enjoying that Donald Trump is making republicans look stupid. On the other hand, Fox News is enjoying an uptick in ratings by exploiting their gullible, hard right kool-aide drinking viewers ignorance of what Trump said just a few years ago that is the exact opposite of what he is saying now. Fox News could end trump’s bid tomorrow if they wanted that. Roger Ailes knows what he is doing and he is going to milk it until he thinks it has run its course. When that happens (I’m guessing after Fox finishes the 1st debate) it will be fun to see how quickly the tide turns on the donald. When Hannity and Rush get the memo to knock it off their robot followers will fall in line and he will be done.

  2. Jon K says:

    i can tell you what I hate about the republican party: social conservatives, tea party crazies, grover norquest and that stupid pledge, supply side economics, i could go on but i won’t. I am beginning to agree with my dad that the party of Richard Nixon (minus the crime and paranoia) was a republican party that we should be striving to resurrect. As Dr Greene once said to me “it would be nice to have 2 political parties grounded in reality”… Recent events have sadly only caused me to agree with him more. There is literally no candidate for someone like me – a radical centrist (with libertarian tendencies) – to vote for in the upcoming election.

    If the republicans nominate a tea party or social conservative (huckabee,cruz,walker,carson,santorum etc) then i’m voting for hillary

    if the republicans nominate the isolationist rand paul i’m voting for hillary

    i will vote for John Kasich if he is nominated

    the others will depend on what they say. jeb’s recent channeling of bobby jindal on the subject of the size of government and how we think of those who make their careers in the federal workforce has me worried….

  3. ohwilleke says:

    Given the timing, I’m inclined to blame Trump specifically, or primary related infighting more generally.

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