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In Focus’ annual Running of the Bulls gallery:

Participants run with Jandilla’s fighting bulls along the Calle Estafeta during the second day of the San Fermin festival on July 7, 2015.

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Are women just more concerned — period?

So, I saw this latest report from Pew about how Republicans are way more scared of Islamic extremism, and I was going to write a post about how all the old, white, men in the GOP were getting too easily scared by Fox News.  [For the record, of course it is something we should take seriously, but it seems far from the existential threat Fox and friends seem to think].   Anyway, than I saw in this chart that my “old white men” thinking was undermined.

In U.S., Republicans More Concerned about Extremism

Of course, my recent research on the matter focused on how women were much more concerned by the (largely non-existent) risks of GMO food.  Anyway, I’m really inspired to do some more research here, but I can’t help but wonder if women are just not more easily “concerned” about any possible threat.  Especially, when we see in this case how it would seem to run counter to all the other demographic patterns.

Quick hits (part I)

1) Finished reading Andy Weir’s The Martian this week.  Soooo good.  If you love science (and I know many of you do), this book is an absolute must-read.  I also love the story of how this started as a book he gave away for free, than a $.99 ebook but became so popular that Random House and a movie studio came calling the same week.

2) This article argues that universities should ban powerpoints because they make students stupid and professors boring.  Of course, I actually figured out all these problems during my first two semesters of teaching.  If you use powerpoints right— and honestly, most people that I know that use powerpoint, do use it right– than it is an effective tool

3) All that stuff about how much your birth order matters.  The latest research says… maybe not so much after all.

4) John Oliver on the absurdity of public funding of sports stadiums.  Brilliant, of course.  And, as long as we’ve got videos with strong references to Friday Night Lights, this Amy Schumer video on football and rape is kinda awesome. Hadn’t seen that video, but found out about it via this really fun Fresh Air interview with Schumer.

5) Time to cut back on NSAID (i.e., ibuprofen, etc.) use?  Maybe.  Though, some much more explicit guidelines would sure be helpful.

6) Nice Op-Ed from Erwin Chermerinksy on how Scalia’s opinions set a really bad example for young lawyers.

7) Okay, sometimes I actually let my phone make noise in public, but in some pants/shorts I don’t hear the vibrations and my wife gets pissed when she knows I’m not busy and don’t answer.

8) Not surprised to learn that living near trees is good for your health.  One of the reasons I’m in my current home is that there are way more trees in my yard and neighborhood than most other homes I looked at (though it’s damn hard to have a decent lawn as a result).

9) The robots are winning.

10) Sure, To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the few assigned high school books that I actually enjoyed reading, but all the hullabaloo over Go Set a Watchman seems a little nuts.  I’ve actually ignored most of the coverage, but I found this TNR piece on why this “new” book should have never been published pretty compelling.

11) And your long-read from the NYT Magazine.  You just got out of prison— now what.


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