Goal of the day

Awesome.  Chile vs. Peru.

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2 Responses to Goal of the day

  1. Mika says:

    Yea, that’s awesome. I’d like to watch the Copa America but because of the time difference it’s practically impossible.

    But I watched the U21 European Championships. Swedes won it. I’ll just copy paste a part of the Guardian article that tells how they did it. That story is also quite amazing.

    ” “Who could have thought that Sweden could win the tournament?” said the striker John Guidetti. “Not many.”

    Not many at all. Hakan Ericson’s side have picked up a habit of doing things the hard way, however. It took a 92nd-minute goal against Turkey to take them into the qualification play-offs, an 88th-minute goal against France to win those play-offs and an 89th-minute goal against Portugal in the group stages to lead them into the knockout rounds here.

    Thirty minutes into their opening game against Italy they had been 1-0 down and reduced to 10 men. Somehow the Scandinavian side battled through and here they first survived then thrived, flummoxing technically superior opponents with their blend of tenacity and tactical discipline. “It’s like a fairytale,” said Ericson. “It’s incredible.” ”


    Well… Swedes have Volvo, Abba and Ingemar Stenmark. They can’t lose.

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