NC legislature and God

The NC House yesterday passed a bill allowing civil magistrates (note: civil) to recuse themselves from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.  What annoys me so about this is the type of Christianity used to justify the bill.  It’s stuff like this that makes me hate “Christians” even though I am one (though, without the quotation marks):

Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus, said the measure protects government officials from being forced to be “traitors against the kingdom of God” by taking part in same-sex marriage, which he described as “perverted and morally unconscionable.”

Yowza!  Seriously?!  So depressing to think somebody like this represents the people of my state.  Alas, he’s not alone:

“Marriage is not necessarily a right,” said Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham, citing state law that bans relatives who love each other from marrying. “We don’t allow that. Yet. That’ll be the next thing.”

“It is the goal of the secular left to destroy the family and destroy the institution of marriage,” Jones added. “Liberty is not just doing whatever you want.”

“I believe in my heart that as we’re moving further and further away from God and his word, that we can expect to see his blessings disappear,” Jones warned.

Oh please!  The stupid, it burns.  That’s it– liberals would love nothing more than to destroy families and marriage.  We should all live in hippie communes of unrelated people.  They’re onto us!  Of course, the movement away from God must be why all the Scandinavian countries are sinking into the Ocean and face constant volcanoes, fire, and brimstone.  Oh, wait.

But don’t worry, there’s non-religious stupidity on display here, too:

Rep. Sarah Stevens, R-Surry, argued that magistrates aren’t the only option because individuals can go online and pay for a minister’s license to marry couples.

“It’s not going to be an issue that these people can’t get married,” Stevens said.

Right.  Because the government doesn’t have to treat people the same so long as there’s a private alternative.  Just kind of like the government doesn’t have to let Black people go to public schools, because they can go to private schools.

This really depresses me on two levels 1) that so many people share this vision of Christianity and somehow think that it should be guiding public policy in a way that is clearly at odds with basic American principles of separation of Church and State; and, 2) these ignorant people are the one’s determining public policy in my state.


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4 Responses to NC legislature and God

  1. John F. says:

    The word is after the passage of the bill they went to a shellfish restaurant to celebrate dressed in their finest wool and linen suits. Their ex-wives were not invited as they didn’t want them to see how much alcohol they imbibed. I hear the bacon wrapped scallops were a big hit!

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    The problem with marriage is that we have given married couples financial benefits. We could just repeal all laws favoring the married economicaly and treat everyone as a single person. Look at all the single people who are disadvantaged and not treated equally.
    Then whether a couple was married or not would be a private issue not involving the government at all. A grand step toward more limited government and equality. Just think of the administrative cost savings.
    Calling all libertarians!

    • John F. says:

      I fully support that proposal…. my wife on the other hand might have some misgivings.

      • R. Jenrette says:

        Religious weddings could give social legitimacy to marriage. Or even social groups like families or political groups or social welfare groups. But when it is made about financial or economic benefits by a government then equal protection of the law is the standard under the American Constitution.

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