What the NC legislature has been up to

1) They passed a bill totally gerrymandering the Wake County Commissioners because Democrats have taken full control of the board.  As we’ve seen time and time again from this hopelessly corrupt group, local government is best… except when the people choose Democrats to run their local government.  I actually think our current system for commissioners has some real flaws, but this is just a brazen power grab with literally no respect for local governance.

2) So, one  bright spot had been that some Republican legislators actually introduced a bill to get rid of the oft-abused religious exemptions for vaccines.  Alas, hotter heads have prevailed, and this legislation is dead (as now maybe some kids will be from measles).  As this article makes clear, it’s because of the “I’m not going to have government telling me what to put in my kids crowd” that held the day.  Ugh.

3) And, if that’s not enough, NC looks to be adding a 72 hour waiting period to get an abortion.  This seems to be so obviously an “undue burden” (as defined in Casey) on a woman’s right to an abortion, but, apparently not.  Utah has had a 72 hour wait on the books since 2012 and this is now an expanding movement.  I get that lots of people think women should not be able to have an abortion at all, but as long as the Supreme Court has said a woman can, I really, really object to these laws that greatly diminish that right while pretending otherwise.

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