Will the world end with a bang?

Enjoyed this recent update from Roper polls in which they asked what would be the most likely scenario for the end of the world.  The winner?  Nuclear war.

most fear will bring end to humanity

I do like that that rapture ties global warming and beats out an asteroid.  Given the choices myself, I think I’d go with deadly virus.


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2 Responses to Will the world end with a bang?

  1. John F. says:

    You’re all wrong! The correct answer is a coronal mass ejection! [In best McLaughlin voice]

    No seriously, that’s how we’re all going to die. A CME or super solar flare would fry all of the transformers on Earth. No transformers, no electricity, no electricity, no manufacturing which not only means we won’t have any capacity to recreate the transformers for at least a few years but it also means we won’t have any capacity to generate food en masse or transport food even if we were able to somehow continue to grow it to meet the needs of the population. There would no way to communicate across the country and the world so no one would know exactly what was going on. There’d be mass famines and wars of people fighting over food and clean water. And once the bullets ran out they’d resort to homemade instruments of death. Basically, those weirdos sword fighting in the park dressed in renaissance clothing would have a clear advantage. Sanitation would suddenly become a major issue as all those toilets flushing wouldn’t be able to be filtered and disease common in 3rd world nations would once again would run rampant.

    It’s basically a doomsday scenario as the world simply isn’t capable of supporting our current population without electricity and people currently benefitting from all the conveniences that electricity provides have no concept of self sufficiency.

    The truly scary part is the odds of this occurring soon are frighteningly high at least at they have been calculated by the scientists at NASA: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2014/23jul_superstorm/

  2. John F. says:

    What makes me most upset about this scenario is I won’t be able to read Fully Myelinated. ;( That, and everyone I know and care for would die.

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