Scientists versus the public

So, this is interesting, comparing the attitudes of a representative sample of the public versus a large survey of the membership of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science:


So, what’s with the scientists against vaccines?  I also think it is notable that far and away the largest discrepancy is on eating GMO foods.


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9 Responses to Scientists versus the public

  1. rgbact says:

    Was 97% consensus…now its down to 87%. Sounds like scientists are wising up. Will alarmists now change their talking point? At least Pew actually polled people here, rather than that laughable Cook 97% study.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Pretty simple– this was a diverse group of scientists– the 97% is from scientists who, you know, actually study the climate.

      • Same thing applies to the scientists against vaccines, Steve. The polling includes scientists who don’t know jack about medicine.

      • rgbact says:

        No it wasn’t. All they did was sort on anything with “global climate change” in its content.Not just climate scientists that write about climate change. Nevermnd, the implied self selection involved.

      • John F. says:

        I wondered about the vaccines numbers, as well. I would imagine a few got hung up on the “require” part of the question. It probably would have been closer to 100% if the question was reworded to “highly recommend.”

      • John F. says:

        Yup, that’s in fact what the article states.

  2. rgbact says:

    Pew polls also indicate that, among “scientists”, Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 9 to 1. So, polling scientists isn’t much different than polling Democrats.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Perhaps there is a reason that scientists are overwhelmingly Democrats.

    • John F. says:

      A better question is not what party are you a member but how did you come to your beliefs? Was it scientific evidence, reason, and a fact-based approach, or was it unexamined belief in tradition, hearsay, and ideology? I don’t know anything about you but I’m sticking with the evidence.

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