Should you vaccinate your kids?

Love this:

A Simple Flowchart to Help You Decide If You Should Vaccinate Your Child

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One Response to Should you vaccinate your kids?

  1. Mika says:

    Once I felt sympathy towards Jenny McCarthy. I went to see my PhD supervisor and she had a graphic presentation of “correlation is not causation” placed on her door. So I asked her if she was familiar with “Jenny McCarthy causes autism” -graphic. She wasn’t so I sent her an e-mail with JMca-graphic.

    Later I thought that she is just one parent who is trying to find an explanation to something that an explanation can’t be found or at least it is extremely difficult to find a rock solid, completely certain explanation. And I felt sorry for her. My daughter has had four different kind unrelated somewhat serious medical conditions, two of them have required surgery. Every time the final answer to the question “Why she has acquired this condition” has been “We don’t really know.”

    Every time when the first initial diagnosis has been done the cloud of uncertainty starts to follow us parents. We have had to wait for the more thorough medical examinations which have made certain that she has this or that condition. Then has followed the waiting period for the operation and after that you’d like to be able to think that that’s settled, then. But if the doctor has said that the condition might not be the actual disease itself but it might only be an indication of some other more serious disease. And then when they have tried very hard to find (for example genetic tests done in USA, cheers for your laboratories) the underlying reason for her condition and it is still unknown to doctors it leaves us parents to a permanent state of uncertainty, “well, she’s ok right now but…”

    So I understand why JMC is certain that vaccines caused her son’s autism.

    I sometimes wonder are my worries about my child’s health or my understanding of other parent’s worries somehow qualitatively different from the parents who’s children have merely had a flu or ear infections or something like that. Do I put my understanding to a pedestal? Aren’t worries always same kind of worries what ever is their underlying cause?

    Now for something completely different… …prompted by mentions of gravity:

    “I really don’t have anything against gravity
    But it really does weight me down”

    Nomeansno – Heaven is the Dust Beneath My Shoes

    Oh wait, this is better:

    “A wise man said that you can’t step into the same stream twice
    But I find that wet feet get soon caked with sand and grit
    That’s very unpleasant, especially between the toes
    So, when I go for a stroll I always stay on the sidewalk
    And I always wear a pair of nice, warm boots”

    Oh, what the heck, here’s the whole song:

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