Should you drink Diet Soda?

So, asks Time of Five health experts.  The answer, a resounding no.  My answer?  It depends.  Will you using it to replace sugar-sweetened drinks?  Then the best evidence says yes.  But if you are overweight and think that this will make you healthy, it certainly will not.  Anyway, the experts all weigh in on correlational studies that show that less healthy people drink more diet soda.  Consider me far from convinced.  That said, this very recent Nature article that is linked, is actually pretty interesting stuff in that it makes an effort to address a causal relationship.  I still think I’ll hold off on making dietary decisions based on causal studies with an N of 7 (!) however. Would I be healthier drinking less diet soda?  It’s entirely possible.  That said, since I’m pretty damn healthy and have no signs whatsoever of the meatabolic diseases that it supposedly causes, I shall continue to take my chances.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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