Mega Quick hits (part I)

1) I know the Food Babe is low-hanging fruit, but her scientific illiteracy is so bad it’s truly laughable (in this case her advice for air travel).

2) Apparently there’s nothing to lose in applying to literally dozens of colleges.  Well, nothing but thousands of dollars in applications fees.  Oh, the rich.

3) John Judis argues that it is unlikely that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election in 2016.  He makes a pretty good argument, but I still think you have to consider her the odds-on favorite.

4) Another great column from Kristoff on how whites don’t get it.

WE all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. We’re in a relay race, relying on the financial and human capital of our parents and grandparents. Blacks were shackled for the early part of that relay race, and although many of the fetters have come off, whites have developed a huge lead. Do we ignore this long head start — a facet of white privilege — and pretend that the competition is now fair?

Of course not. If we whites are ahead in the relay race of life, shouldn’t we acknowledge that we got this lead in part by generations of oppression? Aren’t we big enough to make amends by trying to spread opportunity, by providing disadvantaged black kids an education as good as the one afforded privileged white kids?

Can’t we at least acknowledge that in the case of race, William Faulkner was right: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

5) Of course we are all now well familiar how our justice system is corrupted by elected judges.  It only makes sense that it is also corrupted by elected state attorneys general.  Depressing NYT editorial.

6) Some smart analysis from Thomas Mills on the elections in NC.

7) XKCD guide to dimensions.  Pretty cool.

8) So, this was interesting.  An article about how hot air hand dryers spread germs (I hate them).  The end of the article reveals the research was funded by the paper towel industry and performed under conditions not at all like the real world.

9) A couple good TNR pieces on the Jon Gruber health care mess.

10) How Republican outside spending groups are using twitter to get around the no coordination issue.  Devious.

11) Nice profile of John Oliver and his HBO show.

12) In response to a clueless NYT column, Seth Masket explains why the South is no longer Democratic (hint: it involves race).

13) Is there anything lamer than climate change deniers bringing it up every time we get a cold snap.  It’s so depressing that people this stupid serve in the US Congress.

14) Are TV and video games bad for children’s development.  Maybe, but if so it’s a really small effect.

15) Sure, LARCs are pretty awesome, but if you stop and think about it there’s really been very little development in the basic aspects of birth control.

16) I assume that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith believe lots of crazy stuff but are smart enough to keep it too themselves.  Their kids, however, don’t know that you just don’t talk like this.  This interview is pretty hilarious.

17) I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid.  Creator of the series, RA Montgomery just died.  Nice obituary in the Times.

18) Kids aren’t what’s holding back career women– it’s lame husbands.

19) So, maybe you are not really guilty of that capital murder?  Get your appeal in a day late due to a bad lawyer.  Tough luck.  Excellent and depressing series from the Post and the Marshall Project.

20) Australian TV anchor wears exact same outfit for a year and nobody notices because he’s a man.

21) Heard a really intersting story on NPR during the week about attempts to revitalize Atlantic City.  In truth, it’s pretty hopeless.  It’s success was built entirely on having an East Coast monoploy on casino gambling.  No there’s basically a gambling arms race and nobody is winning.  States are doing themselves no favors in thinking that casinos are going to solve all their problems.  Read this one.

22) This light of my life is 4 today.


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