Both sides!

There’s a short piece today from Post Editorial writer Stephen Stromberg on the good news that SD Republican Senator John Thune admits that humans play a role in climate change.

Asked about the overwhelming agreement among experts on the cause and trajectory of global warming, Thune began with a familiar GOP climate-change dodge: “Climate change is occurring, it’s always occurring.” But then he said this: “There are a number of factors that contribute to that, including human activity. The question is, what are we going to do about it and at what cost?”

In three sentences, the number-three Republican in the Senate admitted that human activity is affecting the climate and that this concern demands a policy response…

But once you get to “yes” on the first two, as Thune apparently has, the answer to the last question should be relatively simple for honest conservatives: The efficient, market-friendly approach to cutting dependence on greenhouse gases is pricing carbon dioxide emissions and allowing market forces to adapt the economy.

Hooray!  And how utterly sad that this is big news.  But I just couldn’t let this go:

The country can do better than the GOP’s do-little-or-nothing attitude, and it can do better than President Obama’s regulatory approach to cutting emissions. But only if more Republicans ask the right question — instead of continuing to dignify those who demand that their leaders dismiss and disdain scientists’ warnings.

Seriously??!!  Obama’s regulatory approach?!  I seem to recall there is one political party that has actually embraced the price on carbon that Stromberg sees as the obvious solution.  Obama and the Democratic party.  The whole reason the president is relying on a regulatory approach is because that’s his only choice to do anything about the problem with Republicans completely demagoguing the obvious solution of pricing carbon.  But, oh boy does Stromberg have this “both sides” thing down.  Pathetic.  And just a reminder, he writes for the editorial page of the “liberal” Washington Post.

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