Quick hits (part I)

Feeling fine and the pox are all scabbed over–hooray!

1) You know, our society really is a little weird about nipples.

2) I totally get why a Black, female professor would insist on always being called by her title.  Since I’m a middle-aged white man, though, I have asked my students to call me Bone Saw.

3) The Economist on the future of the book (I’ll keep reading printed ones as long as they keep making them).

4) Stephen Pinker with 10 grammar rules you should be breaking (already on top of some of these!)

5) The different language liberals and conservatives use when insulting each other.  Short version: conservative extremists vs. liberal hacks.

6) This article says there’s no such thing as a “healthy microbiome.”  I say bullshit.  We may not know exactly what makes for one and there may be all sorts of diversity as to what constitutes a healthy microbiome.  But damn straight there is such a thing.

7) Really cool piece on how we are all confident idiots (some, more than others, I would argue).

8) I have great conversations with reporters all the time when only a single, fairly trivial snippet makes it into print.  I must admit, therefore, it is quite edifying to see a lot of what I have to say make it into print.

9) On the science of physical appearance and electability (it’s disturbingly importnat).

10) A pre-election piece, but a good luck at how Republicans regained their edge on national security.

11) There’s no ideology to being really dumb with numbers.

12) Cool ways to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria without antibiotics (obviously, we need a lot more work here).

13) My colleague Mike Cobb on why the polls were wrong about the NC Senate.  A very nice explanatory piece on how polling works.

14) Jill Lepore’s take on the Democrats’ midterm failure.

15) How we can reduce inequality by being more like Qatar.  Seriously.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

2 Responses to Quick hits (part I)

  1. Mika says:

    There wasn’t a picture?! (On this subject I’m a great believer in evolutionary psychology, I’ve no other excuse)

  2. itchy says:

    15) Really interesting article. I’m not sure I’m completely ready to buy in, and there are some uncomfortable social issues discussed, but there also are a lot of good points here.

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